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Save time using Combyne to communicate with your existing contacts, while growing your network with serious buyers and sellers in your area.

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Everything you need to manage and expand your cash trading opportunities.

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    Post Listings

    Easily share exactly what you're looking to buy or sell.

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    Browse Marketplace

    Browse bids and offers, and filter by location, commodity, and more.

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    Build Your Network

    Negotiate with new and existing connections through listings, via chat or call them directly.

Stuart uses Combyne to stay connected with serious grain buyers.

Stuart uses Combyne to stay connected with serious grain buyers.

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“I find it easy to go in and set up everything, it’s pretty seamless. The filters help me find what I’m looking for. There are a lot of buyers and I like when you get an email that someone wants to connect with you. It’s like a network, like LinkedIn for grain.”

Stuart Leonard

Ogema, Saskatchewan

Show trading partners what you're looking for.

Connect with reputable grain merchandisers, livestock farmers or producers in your area on Combyne. Post listings to the Marketplace to efficiently buy or sell crops through Combyne, our agricultural trading network.

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See a transparent Marketplace

Browse listings from trustworthy buyers and sellers. Use the Marketplace for price discovery and source deals to find new trading partners to do business with.

Listings from the Marketplace

You have the power to control who sees your listings

Show your listings to new trading partners or only make it visible to a specific group. You can even share your listings with existing trading partners who aren't on Combyne.

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Finalize and capture your contract details

Take notes and fill out the most important details about your deals so you can refer back to them later. Edit and download your captured contract details and send them to your email or save them to your notes. Continue the conversation on a captured deal to connect about delivery.

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A Transparent and Secure Marketplace

Combyne is Ag Data Transparent certified. What does this mean?

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    Your data is secure

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    You choose what data you share

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    You own the data generated on your farm

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Commodities traded on Combyne

  • Grain and Oilseeds icon

    Grain & Oilseeds

    • Corn
    • Cereals
    • Oilseeds
    • Pulses
    • Organics
  • Forage and Hay icon

    Forage & Hay

    • Hay
    • Silage
    • Straw
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